Land Management

Allendale Estates covers some 20,000 acres of land in Northumberland, encompassing a diverse range of moorland, arable and parkland. The Estate has been involved in agriculture for generations and farming continues to be at the heart of our activities. Over recent years, we have grown our in-hand farming operation, whilst also tenanting some 4.500 acres, including historic Peepy Farm, which has recently returned to dairy under the management of Robert Craig. The estate has a mixed farming pattern, including arable, livestock and dairy holdings.

The estate’s forestry is managed in hand and follows a policy of natural regeneration where possible. The woodlands are managed for amenity, shooting and commercial forestry, under the guiding principle of sustainability.

There are many miles of footpaths and bridleways across the Estate, opening up access to the unspoiled countryside and wonderful views for visitors to this stunning county.


Conservation is at the very heart of the Estate’s ethos and in recent years there has been a greater emphasis placed on the creation of new habitat for game and wildlife.

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