The Estate

Allendale Estates today is a very different place to the estate the family first took on over 250 years ago.
It is now a diverse and dynamic, multi-faceted business. We provide office space to some sixty businesses, ranging from engineers and lawyers, to counter-drone experts and makers of false teeth. In fact we are the biggest provider of out-of-town offices in the Tyne Valley. We rent over one hundred houses; we farm – both in-hand and let – 10,000 acres of prime Northumberland land. We are at the cutting edge of conservation – working passionately to improve the bio-diversity of the ground we are lucky enough to steward. We provide employment, directly and indirectly, to many, many people in the area, and pride ourself on our role within the local community, not least with the local schools.

There is always more we can do, and better, but we believe firmly in our position as a force for good in the North-East.

Fishing at Bywell

The Bywell beat of the River Tyne is one of the best stretches of salmon fishing in England. Running directly through the estate, the beat is 2.5 miles long and fishing is from both banks.

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Conservation at Bywell